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Status Reply Notification spam

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First off, sorry for posting in English, but I am a member of an IPB and pretty annoyed with an issue and if I find a solution here I would like to forward this forums topic to the staff on there.

In case you are wondering then why I am not posting at the official international forums then; It seems to be required to have purchased the software in order to be able to post there. So please post in English if you are able to.

The issue: I guess that status updates are not stock IPB and an addon, but I couldn't find a subforums here for that component. The problem is that for each SINGLE status reply someone posts a new notifications is created - and they are not stacking like topic replies (or reactions I believe). I wonder if there is such a setting, modification or simply change to enable this. (Today on a single notification page of 25 items like 22 (!) were status replies of like 3 different updates only)

To clarify, here is an example of what I am talking about:

A, B and 3 others have replied to TOPIC NAME.

A has replied to status update A.

B has replied to status update A.

C has replied to status update A

D has replied to status update A.

E has replied to status update A.A has replied to status update A.A has replied to status update A.

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